Cooperative Player Group Rotation​​   (for use during OPEN court times)

​ When all six courts are full and there are groups of players waiting, everyone is encouraged to rotate off and on the courts after playing one game.  If a particular group is already playing on a court and they do not want to participate in the rotation and their one hour of play is not completed - then that is their choice. 

For all the courts that do participate - a group departs the court when their game is finished and gets in the waiting line.  The next waiting group goes onto the open court to play a game.  Rotation continues as long as there are waiting players and all 6 courts are full.  Save time - keep all your gear at the fence line instead of dragging your bags out to each court you are playing on.  

Winter Hours for OPEN play  (October 1 to March 31)

Day              Time          Level of Play

Sunday         1 pm         Social Play (3.0, 2.5, Beginners - new to the game

                                                   & just learning are welcomed also)

Sunday         3 pm         Intermediate & Advanced players (3.5, 4.0+)

Monday        8 am         Ladies' Open Play (all levels)

Monday        3 pm         Advanced Competitive Play (3.5+ rating level players)

Tuesday        8 am         Intermediate &  Advanced players (3.5, 4.0+)

Tuesday       10 am        Social Play (3.0, 2.5)

Tuesday       11 am        Beginners - new to the game & just learning


Wednesday   3 pm         Intermediate & Advanced players (3.5, 4.0+)


Thursday       8 am          Men's Open Play (all levels)​


Friday           8 am          Intermediate &  Advanced players (3.5, 4.0+)

Friday         10 am          Social (3.0, 2.5)

Friday         11 am          Beginners - new to the game & just learning