Court Etiquette


1. Players are encouraged to come to scheduled play for your skill and ability level.  Beginners are welcome at Social Play.    Advanced Play is competitive and aggressive and will be overwhelming for beginner players.


2. Enter and exit the court using the correct gates.  We have a gate on the North end for courts 1 &2 and a gate at the West end for courts 3 & 4.


3. Avoid crossing courts when entering and exiting.


4. When your game ends – exit the court promptly.


5. When entering a gate to get to your court, do so promptly and remember to close the gate behind you.


6. Avoid chasing balls into other courts.


7. If you are playing and see a ball go onto your opponents' court, yell LET or BALL.  Let’s be safe on the courts!


8. Pay attention when you are waiting for which players are up next.  Notice where your paddle is in the queue and be ready to go when it is your turn.